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According to your answers, common vices that may cause you to stumble might be related to self-isolation. If the enemy is going to take you out, it makes sense that he wants to keep you from uplifting relationships. You might find yourself feeling apathetic in relationships or feeling cynical about life. Instead of these vices, I hope you will allow the Holy Spirit to grow virtues in you. That’s why I wrote Why Do I Do What I don’t Want to Do – as a tool to help you in that journey. For example, Chapter 4 of the book is focused on moving from being a person of apathy to a person of diligence, while Chapter 10 has a focus on moving from cynicism to optimism. I truly believe that you can build positive habits by focusing on godly virtues in place of dangerous vices. You can order Why Do I Do What I don’t Want to Do below to read these chapters more in-depth.

Why do we do things that we know are harmful for us?

In JP’s new book, you’ll learn how to overcome the habits that are stealing joy from your life.