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According to your answers, common vices that may cause you to stumble might be related to self-importance. If the enemy is going to take you out, he is going to use the very same strategy he has been using since the garden – stroking your pride and elevating your sense of self-grandeur. You might feel yourself struggling with pride, perception management, or busyness. Instead of these vices, I hope you will allow the Holy Spirit to grow virtues in you. I wrote Why Do I Do What I don’t Want to Do, to be a tool to help you through that process. In fact, the very first chapter is focused on replacing pride with humility. This is not a movement that is celebrated in today’s culture, but it is so important in the Christian walk. Chapter 6 also walks through replacing an inflated self-perception with authenticity, while Chapter 8 shares how to replace busyness with rest. I truly believe that you can build positive habits by focusing on godly virtues in place of dangerous vices. You can order Why Do I Do What I don’t Want to Do below to read these chapters more in-depth.

Why do we do things that we know are harmful for us?

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